Cardacity Development Update #2

Prototype demo showing wallet connection and collection explorer (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Time for another Cardacity development update! The past few weeks the team has been polishing the main functionalities for the beta release. As you know (check out our roadmap), the first release of our dApp will have a vey limited scope, but we will launch it early on so collectors can give their feedback as early as possible. The main improvement of the new dApp over the existing Explorer page, besides the fresh look with the completely new design, is the ability to connect your wallet, allowing the dApp to detect your tokens. This seems simple for now, but it’s critical for further iterations of the dApp as it is the foundation for everything else. We’ve taken our time to develop this properly, and while for now we’re only supporting CCVault, Nami, and Yoroi, it is trivial to add any wallet client implementing CIP-030.

Right now we’re finishing the details page for a given card. Everything was developed in a way that supports further cards and every new feature we will be adding. The next step is deploying two instances of our app: a staging instance, bound to testnet; and a production instance bound to mainnet. The production instance is the one that we’ll release for the beta. We’re really confident about the technical approach we’re following and curious to see how it will behave with real users — that’s the beauty of the beta, as it will allow us to test it in a real scenario really early on.

In other news, the team is now reduced to 4 people as some members realized they couldn’t commit enough time to the project as they wished. We are really thankful for their contributions to the project, though! We are looking for someone to do the startup/entrepreneurship/business/leadership part of the project, with bonus points if they’re knowledgeable about blockchain in general, Cardano, DeFi, and/or GameFi. We are also looking for a community manager to run all our social channels and create content for them. If you think you have the skills to fill one of these positions, get in touch with us via email to We’d prefer someone physically in Portugal (or in Europe), but we’re open to hear from people anywhere in the world. Right now we’re all still working part-time in the project, but this is something we’re working to change.

In the design front, we’ve been prototyping further pages which we’ll be working on later (marketplace, pack store, challenges). It’s still early, but maybe we’ll have something to show in further updates soon!

The gif above shows a live prototype where the user connects his wallet and then browses through his collection (that is automatically detected) via the dApp. This is how everything in the dApp will work — fully integrated in a seamless single app experience. Those will be your own cards soon! 😉

See you in the next update!



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